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Equilibrium Pilates is a fully equipped Pilates Studio offering rehabilitation and fitness Pilates.
For almost 30 years, Katia Ferreira has helped people of all ages achieve and maintain greater wellbeing. She does this by integrating several modalities to enhance the natural healing process and the interconnection of mind and body. Based on individual clients’ needs, history and lifestyle, she employs Pilates, CranioSacral and Reiki techniques, as well as her expertise as a former physical therapist.


Pilates Method is based on a physical workout that enhances muscular strength, flexibility, joint mobility, posture, body balance, functional breathing patterns and motor coordination. We provide a Pilates Studio, Pilates Instruction, Pilates Coaching, Pilates Training, Pilates Workouts & Pilates Exercises


CranioSacral Therapy, through gentle touch, balances the energy flow within the body, decompresses the skull joints and helps to free the nervous system from restrictions. It can relieve pain, facilitate deep muscle release and promote emotional relaxation.


Reiki can alleviate stress, increase energy levels, release energy blockages, promote restful sleep, and improve the immune system, balancing your overall health.

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